Learning To Dive

Learning to Dive

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Welcome! Since 1990, our team of NAUI Instructors have been training people just like you to be the best skin and scuba divers in the world!

Diving can lead to adventures in exotic tropical locales and an exciting lifetime profession anywhere in the world. Choosing Underwater Adventures and NAUI training means you’re only satisfied with the very best. We have the highest training standards in the diving industry and our divers enjoy a worldwide reputation for being accomplished underwater explorers where each breath turns a new page in a journey into the unknown.

Scuba diving is the ultimate role playing activity where you live each moment and venture into places where no one else has been before. Experience weightlessness like an astronaut orbiting the Earth. Breathe underwater while suspended in a cool, refreshing, aquatic world. See strange and exotic fishes and other denizens of the deep like only other NAUI divers do.

Learning to be a scuba diver is an adventure all in itself! Grab a friend and sign up today with a NAUI educational system from Underwater Adventures. Join the millions of others who discovered scuba diving and changed their lives forever. Want more information? Scroll on and get ready for the adventure of your life and a lifetime of adventure!

pcb-giant-stride-620x349The Highest Standard

There is only one reason why we’ve dedicated over 27 years to developing the finest recreational diving instructors in the world and supporting them with the most stringent recreational diving safety standards… that reason is you.

Scuba diving is an adventure sport, and as such, it has inherent risks. Underwater Adventures understands this. We also understand that the only way to minimize risk is to maximize education. There are many scuba certification programs available today, but there is only one that can be called a scuba education program. Education is the true UA difference.

To earn the coveted NAUI Instructor rating our Instructor candidates undergo a grueling leadership training program requiring extensive diving knowledge and superior water skills. At every step they are challenged to make independent and correct decisions and value judgments regarding the level of risk inherent in all types of diving situations.

Those who successfully complete this exceptional program become NAUI Instructors and are granted the freedom to adapt their teaching to meet the individual and regional needs of their students… individuals like you.

Our Promise to you

The combination of exceptional leadership, sound educational materials, and true concern for the individual, has resulted in the most respected safety record in the recreational diving community. So, when you enroll in a NAUI diving program, you can be assured you’re receiving the finest diving education available. Our instructors won’t accept anything less… and neither should you