DAN 0₂, CPR & First Aid

DAN Emergency O2, CPR, and First Aid


When the situation arises, proper emergency training is critical and invaluable. We teach in-depth and hands-on courses in emergency oxygen, first aid, CPR, and aquatic injuries. These are required courses for the Rescue Diver or Dive Professional. They are also great for any diver looking to enhance his/her readiness in rescue situations.

The Diver’s Alert Network (DAN) Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries course is designed to train and educate the general diving public in the techniques of using oxygen as first aid for a suspected dive injury. In addition, this course will introduce novice divers to the fundamentals of recognizing diving injury warning signs, response and management. This program also provides an excellent opportunity for experienced divers and instructors to continue their education.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! Of course we have our scheduled classes and checkout dives, but custom options are also available if these don’t fit your schedule. We offer weeknight classes, private classes at your pace and location, and you can do your checkout on our exotic dive trips.

To successfully complete the DAN Oxygen Provider course, participants must demonstrate skill and confidence during deployment, assembly and disassembly of all parts of the DAN Oxygen Unit (or other acceptable units).

The course participant must demonstrate skill and confidence while providing emergency oxygen to simulated injured divers by:

  • Assessing the scene and oxygen provider safety
  • Deploying and operating the DAN Oxygen Unit
  • Selecting and preparing the appropriate oxygen mask
  • Operating the DAN Oxygen Unit and using these oxygen-delivery devices:
    • Demand inhalator valve and mask
    • Constant-flow, nonrebreather mask
    • Oronasal resuscitation mask with supplemental oxygen inlet
  • Identifying the main components of the DAN Oxygen Unit:
    • Jumbo D cylinder and valve
    • Multifunction regulator
    • “T” handle
    • Handwheel/wrench
    • Oxygen washer
    • Constant-flow controller
    • Intermediate (green) pressure hose
    • Pressure-activated check valve (in threaded outlet)
    • Demand inhalator valve
    • Oronasal mask
    • Nonrebreather mask
    • Oronasal resuscitation mask with supplemental oxygen inlet