Pool Training Nights


 Our exclusive monthly event!

Have some new gear that you want to try out or do you just want to sharpen your diving skills? Our monthly pool nights are an excellent way to practice your dive skills and even meet new people in the local dive community!

Our divemaster and instructor, Nathaniel Klumb, leads this event by placing several obstacle courses in the 20' heated pool at Tiger Aquatics on LSU's campus. We also have underwater bowling, torpedoes, and water missiles! Give us a call today to sign up for a spot at this event!

*Proof of certification required

  • Buoyancy obstacle courses
  • Card games, torpedos, bowling, and more
  • Try out your new BC, camera, etc
  • We fill up quick, so sign up early!
Buoyancy Class: For experienced divers looking to improve their buoyancy. This means you have been in the water within the last six months to one year and that you can clear your ears & mask with no problems. Alternatively this if for you if you have recently purchased new equipment. You should be comfortable fully assembling your gear and you should be able to perform complete buddy checks.
$25 tank only
$50 BC, REG, WS and/or weights, tank
Refresher class: For those divers that haven't been in the water recently, you may need to review how to assemble your BC and Reg, or you have some apprehension about clearing your mask or performing other scuba skills. This class is offered for one on one or dive buddy teams to be paired with a Divemaster or Instructor for the duration of the class.
$75 tank only
$125 BC, REG, WS and/or weights, tank
Waivers and current Medicals are required for both classes