The UA Dive Team

The UA Dive Team

 Introducing our Dive Team!

Below you can see our group of men and women who make UA the best dive shop in Baton Rouge! Some of us you will see everyday, while some of our Instructors and Divemasters are members who you'll probably see during our classes and trips.  If one of us isn't here, don't worry, it's probably just because we’re just off on a dive trip and we'll be back soon!

Although they don’t work everyday...

Check in often to see what our Divemasters and instructors are up to. We owe a great deal of our success to them and all of their hard work!

NAUI Diver
Lann WolfShop Owner
NAUI Diver
Caroline WolfShop Owner
Regulator Technician
Forrest FinleyShop Assistant
NAUI Divemaster Candidate
Rory McCrackenShop Assistant
NAUI Divemaster/Skin Diving Instructor
Michelle DenovaShop Assistant