Equipment Repairs

Equipment Repair


Is your equipment in tip-top shape? We can service it!

Bring your equipment to Underwater Adventures and let our trained, experienced, and certified repair technicians get you and your gear back in the water. Our staff members are experts at spotting and correcting problems before they turn into life threatening accidents. Remember your regulator, alternate air source, and gauges are your LIFE-SUPPORT system underwater and should be maintained regularly by a company you trust!

How do you know what your regulator needs? We suggest an annual service every year or 100 dives, and definitely before major dive trips where repair may not be available. If it’s used heavily, you should consider more frequent service. Part of our job is to help you decide what works best for your equipment, diving frequency, and budget.

We can service almost any major brand of equipment including: Atomic, Aqualung, Apeks, DiveRite, Mares, Oceanic, ScubaPro, Sherwood, Suunto, and Zeagle.

Services we offer include:

We do a pressurized immersion test to detect leaks, check for smooth operation of all components, inspect the filter, mouthpieces, diaphragms, and hoses for any tears, cracks, corrosion, or holes. We will also check and adjust the regulator’s intermediate pressure, if needed.  During this routine service, we will also replace and/or lubricate items such as the Analog Instruments HP swivel o-rings, second stage swivel o-rings, low pressure seats, and other annual replacements.

For regulators not under a manufacturer’s warranty, this is a good way for us to determine a cost-effective plan for your regulator’s maintenance and performance.