Tank Fills

Tank Fills


Underwater Adventures is your source for:
  • Compressed Air
  • Nitrox – NOAA I (32% O2), NOAA II (36% O2), and custom mixes up to 40%.
  • Emergency Oxygen (100% O2)

*Note: All tanks must have a current visual and hydrostatic inspection to be filled. If they aren't, we can do that too!

Underwater Adventures LLC reserves the right to refuse to fill any tank which we deem unsafe to fill. This includes but is not limited to tanks which have been repainted, have visual damage, or suffer from known alloy defects such as those made with AL6351. Tanks such as these were commonly manufactured by Luxfer prior to the dates below and Cliff-Impact prior to 1990.

Luxfer Defective Tank Dates

30 cu. ft mfg date 5-88
40 cu. ft mfg date 6-88
50 cu. ft mfg date 4-88
63 cu. ft mfg date 5-88
72 cu. ft mfg date 8-87
80 cu. ft mfg date 1-88
80.8 cu. ft mfg date 5-87
92 cu. ft mfg date 4-88
100 cu. ft mfg date 8-87