Check Out Dives

Check Out Dives


In order to complete your NAUI certification, checkout dives are required under the supervision of an instructor. This involves a weekend of diving in Panama City. The typical itinerary involves a series of dives in a freshwater spring on Friday followed by 2 boat dives on both Saturday and Sunday. Advanced, Master, and Rescue divers will even enjoy a night dive or additional shore dives for their certifications!

Certified divers are also welcomed on these trips! We always have a great time and our divers accomplish a lot during these weekends. The final result is a group of finely trained, over-qualified NAUI divers.

We are honored to have our students earn their scuba diving certifications with us. We work hard to ensure all of our students receive the best, safest, most fun, and most comfortable dive training and education in the world. We look forward to a long and exciting relationship with you in our tight knit diving community, and of course we are always at your service to provide additional training and advice throughout your diving career. Congratulations and please enjoy your new “Underwater Adventures!”

There are only 26 spaces per weekend available for student divers, so please book yours early to secure your spot. To reserve your place on a certification dive trip, you must pay a deposit of at least $100. The total cost of the trip is $450, which includes instructor fees, air fills, spring and boat diving, and your internationally recognized, lifetime scuba certification card. Payments must be made in CASH or CHECK only please.

We will make one snorkel dive and two scuba dives in the freshwater springs and four dives in the Gulf of Mexico, for a total of seven dives. Although the minimum is only five dives, we feel the additional dives give our students valuable additional experience as well as accommodate for sick days or unexpected events during the trip. You can think of the spring as a intermediate between the pool and the ocean, since it’s like a freshwater pool with fish and rocks! Then you’ll be ready for the transition to the ocean on Saturday. After demonstrating proficiency in the required skills, you’ll be able to demonstrate independence as a buddy team on Sunday as you execute and plan your dives with your instructor.

You are responsible for trying on, reserving, picking up, paying for, keeping track of, cleaning, and returning all equipment needed, including 3 tanks, from Underwater Adventures. That’s part of what a certified diver’s responsibilities entail. Please also make sure you bring enough weights for the trip, since we don’t carry many extra with us. You can pick up your rental equipment and tanks at Underwater Adventures during business hours Wednesday or Thursday the week of your trip. If you have special circumstances and need to make special arrangements for gear and transportation, please let us know ahead of time. We offer a full gear weekend rental package for students at $95 each. This includes BC, regulator, and wet suit. Computers are optional, but definitely encouraged! Student divers should only use scuba equipment from Underwater Adventures unless you have used the gear during your openwater class and it was determined to fit well and be fully functional.

 All divers must have their own mask, snorkel, fins, boots, logbook, dive tables, dive watch or computer, weights, BC with power inflator, regulator, 3 tanks (or more, depending on certification), and wet suit.  Accessories to make your trip more enjoyable include: sea sickness meds (better to have than find out the hard way!), sunscreen, towels, mask defogger, and a dive light. Water is available at the springs and boat, and often we throw BBQs while we’re diving, but it’s a good idea to bring snacks and Powerade too!

After completing the required dives, your instructor will work with the group to review and debrief while you complete your logbooks. We will order your certification card and it is usually available the following week at the store. We can also fill out a temporary certification card if you think you may need it before you get your permanent card. All gear is due back at Underwater Adventures by Tuesday the following week.

2018 Panama City Checkout Dive Trips

  • March 24-26
  • April 28-30
  • May 19-21
  • June 16-18
  • July 21-23
  • August 25-27
  • Sept. 22-24
  • Oct. 20-22
  • November 17-19

The following is a general timeline of events. They are subject to change, therefore please verify with Underwater Adventures prior to trip!

Friday - Vortex Springs

9:00 AM: Instructors and upper level students arrive at the springs and begin preparations.
10:00 AM: Students should arrive by this time and sign into the dive shop, receiving a bracelet. Join the group for briefings and begin diving
2:00 PM: Conclude first day of diving, debrief, lunch, and travel to Panama City to check into hotels and drop of tanks for fills.

Saturday and Sunday - Panama City Beach

6:00 AM: Sign in at the dive shop, and pick up tanks if we instruct you to. After you sign the roster at Panama City Dive Center, drive less than a mile to the boat dock.
6:30 AM: The dive boat leaves the dock, please don’t be late.
12:00 PM: Diving concludes for the day.
5:00 PM: Boat leaves for night dive (advanced students and certified divers only)

From Baton Rouge to Vortex Springs

From Baton Rouge to Panama City Dive Center

From Vortex to Panama City Dive Center

The dive shop Panama City Dive Center is located on the beach at the intersection of Front Beach Rd and Thomas Drive. To get to the boat from the dive shop, follow Thomas Drive approximately 1 mile north. Take the first right after the bridge (@ Capt. Anderson’s restaurant) and then turn right into the big parking lot. The boats are located at the far right corner of the marina.

Vortex Springs
1517 Vortex Springs Ln
Ponce de Leon, FL 32455
Panama City Dive Center
4823 Thomas Drive
Panama City, FL 32408